Urine Test Kit for Heavy Metal with Provocation




In-Home Heavy Metals Test Kit:  This Heavy Metals In-home kit Tests for up to 20 different Heavy Metals from your body- the result come from a reputable, 3rd-party facility that is used by doctors and pharmacists alike.  If you want to test how much heavy metal is removed from your body within a 3, 6, or 1 year period, consider purchasing instead our 90-day program (linked below) which has a before and after test kit while you’re using EDTA Supplements. Also, be sure to take a multi-mineral while doing the 3-month Program.  


Heavy Metals Test Kit Includes:
Specimen Collection Cup, Specimen Vial, Zip-Lock Bag with Absorbent Material, Test Requisition Form, FedEx Clinical Pack with Prepaid Billable Stamp, and two 1250 mg EDTA suppositories to be used for provocation.  Detoxacream EDTA cream used for testing is sold separately.   

Lab Details:

**Please administer and send samples within 2 weeks of receiving the kit in order to ensure prompt delivery of lab results**

The laboratory for this test is a federally licensed CLIA laboratory with state certifications and licenses.  Quality assurance and proficiency testing programs are in place including those offered by the College of American Pathology (CAP) & Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • The 24-hour collection provides increased accuracy in results via a larger specimen sample
  • Disclaimer: This test is offered for “information purposes only”, test results are “not court-admissible” and cannot be used for legal purposes. You can use the results of these tests as a screening tool to determine if you would need further confirmatory testing.
  • Results Available Approximately 5-7 Business Days From Receipt of Sample
  • Noninvasive Urine Home Test Kit; Hygienic, Simple Instructions and Easy-to-Use
  • Includes Pre-Paid Sample Return Label and Laboratory Analysis –  No Additional Fees Required!
  • Please Send Samples Within Two Weeks to Ensure Prompt Delivery of Laboratory Results
  • Due to state law, we are unable to ship this product to NY.


Ideal for

  • Individuals with cognitive and metabolic impairment
  • Persons who want to establish a baseline for heavy metal detoxification measurement or who want to check progress after a period of using chelation
  • Persons who experience recent exposure to toxic metals
  • Parent’s worried about their child’s exposure to toxic metals
  • Persons interested in physiological data on toxic and essential elements from the diet
  • High risk for exposure workplaces: Industrial waste management, agriculture, metal refining, alloying, manufacturing, electronics

How to use:

When you first arise skip your first-morning urination. Begin collection with your second urination and collect all urine up to and including the first-morning urination of the following day. Collect each urination in the specimen collection cup then pour the urine into the orange collection container. Keep the orange container in the refrigerator until you are finished with your 24-hour collection.

Place the orange collection container on a level surface and read the volume from the markings on the container. In the collection information section of the requisition form (located in the upper right-hand corner) fill in the date you finished the collection and your height & weight. Check the box marked 24 hours and fill in the total volume collected.

Mix the urine by shaking the orange container for at least 30 seconds, then pour the urine into the specimen vial. Fill the vial up to the top of the label then tighten the screw cap securely.

Fill out a portion of section 3 and all of section 4 of the test requisition form completely and sign it.

Write your name, date of collection, and date of birth on the specimen vial. The test cannot be performed without this information put on the vial. Place the vial into the zip lock bag, then place the bag in the shipping envelope. The specimen is now ready to be shipped to the lab.

After you finish the urine test, start applying 1.5 teaspoons of Detoxacream’s EDTA cream for 90 days, 5 days a week, once a day.  After 90 days, repeat the steps for the second test kit.  After 3-4 weeks, you’ll receive the second lab report and you can compare the reduction in the heavy metal burden on your body.


Q: How long are samples stored and in what condition?  Can they be retested?

A: Doctor’s Data Lab stores samples for approximately 3 weeks in their industrial refrigerators.  Ability to retest depends on the volume and is subject to additional fees.

 Q: How long is the presence of traces of heavy metal elements, such as Gadolinium, stable in a urine sample?  Will it go away over time?

A: Urine samples remain stable for 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator and up to 3-4 months in the freezer.

Q: Are there any known cross-reaction from over-the-counter or alcohol intake that could affect my results?

A: We recommend that all non-essential medications and supplements be avoided prior to collection; fish and shellfish should also be avoided for a week prior to collecting as well.  There are no known effects from alcohol intake.

Q: If I miss a collection during the 24-hour period or have an insufficient volume to ship, can I pour out my sample and start over?

A: Yes, if a collection during the 24-hour period is missed, you will need to recollect.  Simply empty the jug, DO NOT RINSE, and start over.  

Q: How much information in Section 4 of the requisition form needs to be provided for results reporting?

A: Federal regulations require your Name, Date of Birth, and Gender.

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